View Full Version : Satellite U200-181 - How to add extra RAM?

25.03.2007, 10:21

I've enjoyed my U200-181 very much, but would like to have some extra RAM in addition to 512 Mb installed by default. How can I do that?
How many SO-DIMM slots available? Are there any disassembly instructions?

Thanks in advance

25.03.2007, 20:08
Take a look in the manual, everything is described there.

26.03.2007, 11:39
Check please chapter 8. There you will find detailed description about memory expansion.

28.03.2007, 18:54
changing the memory is very easy.

1. pull off the black strip above the keyboard (it just snaps in place)
2. remove the 2 screws
3. pivot keyboard forward being careful not to damage keyboard cable
4. remove 2 screws on big metal plate on the right.
5. remove plate to expose 2 x ddr2 200 pin sodimm slots.