View Full Version : Portege 2000 does not run with SP1 or SP2 & SD card problems

24.03.2007, 18:21
Hi there !
I've got some problems with my Portege 2000.
1. I had to run Windows XP without any Service Packs ans Updates because when I install SP1 oder SP2 for example, the Portege don't boot after that (Blank Screen). The Laptop only boots in Safe Mode so I can de-install the Service Pack and then it works again. What can I do ?

2. I also have problems with the SD-Card Slot. Host and Card drivers are installed correctly. I tested it with a 128 MB and a 512 MB SD Card -> Works fine. But the readers doesn't read my 2 GB Card. Is the Controller too old to work with card more than 1 GB ?

Thanks for help and sorry for my english :)

24.03.2007, 23:01
hm, sounds if there is a problem with the display-driver ; did you install the proper XP-display-drivers from toshiba ( this website ) ??

and did you update your bios to the latest version ( 1.70 )

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26.03.2007, 20:54
Yes, i've downloaded the Video Driver from the Toshiba Support Page.
Bios is 1.70...

28.03.2007, 20:57

1.) Please check the document on the Toshiba driver page about SP2 updates. It seems you will have to update some tools and drivers

2.) Yes, it seems the SD controller cannot handle a bigger SD card sizes. In such case you will have to use an external solution.
Buy a mulitcard reader and connect it to USB port. Such reader are not expensive an should support several kinds of cards and sizes