View Full Version : critical issues with my qosmio E10

29.01.2005, 17:46
Hi, I just bought a Qosmio E10 and I have to say that I am encountering numerous issues. First of all, this is the second machine that I got because the first machine I had to bring it back for the following reasons:
InterVideo Windvd did not work properly especially on full screen and secondly and probably most important the computer freeze continuously. To bring it back to life I had to turn it off and on again. Therefore I went back to the shop and they replace it with a new machine.
However the new machine has again the same problem. InterVideo Windvd don’t work at full screen and it freeze again.
This is very annoying. Now the question is:
Is the Qosmio E10 faulty or I am the unlike one that is experiencing the same problem in two different machines?
The only thing that it comes up to my mind is that as I have installed in both machines Norton Systemworks 2005, perhaps it conflicts with this type of notebook, which it could make some sense. However this sounds very weird as I have the same software in my other Toshiba satellite and it works properly. Now before I will go to complain to the shop asking them my money back, can anybody from this forum help me with some reasonable answer which would convince me to keep this machine?
Thank you very much and sorry for the long message.

31.01.2005, 12:16
Hi Gerry

I can imagine that you are a little bit irritated but I think that there is no reason for that. Gerry you bought very nice Notebook and I envy you. :)

As far as I know all Notebooks are tested before they will be sold. It will be very interesting to know do you have all this problems from the beginning or after installing “Norton Systemworks 2005”. It is very possible that there is some conflict because there are some options for PC analysis and PC improvement. I have installed some similar application on my Satellite P10. There is no changes but I think that my notebook works now slower.

Qosmio is top notebook and I am sure that there is no reason for any improvement.

Before you want to change your Notebook test it completely without any applications for system optimization.

In my opinion you should keep this machine and enjoy in all multimedia functions that you have on it.