View Full Version : Tecra 8000: W2K - How to run the 2 screens at the same time

17.03.2007, 13:29
I have a tecra 8000 with win 2000 pro installed.

Everything works fine with one exception.........
to use the tv out i have to press the [fn] [f5] buttons.

Is there any way i can get it to run the 2 screens at the same time (either cloned or, preferrably the tv being a secondary monitor)?

If anyone can help i would be eternally grateful


17.03.2007, 23:26
Did you installed the correct Vga-driver for that machine from the Toshiba-website because I donīt know how good the driversupport for that machine under win2k is.


18.03.2007, 15:01
I am not familiar with Tecra 8000 and W2K operating system. If there I sno right driver on Toshiba download page (I presume W2K is not supported for this notebook model) please try to find driver somewhere on the net. I have found info your unit has NeoMagic NM2200(MagicMedia 256av) video card.

To use external display as second monitor or extended display try simply to use Windows settings in display properties.