View Full Version : Satelite Pro L10 - FN+F5 switch display control does not work

16.03.2007, 12:02
When i attach my Satellite Pro to an external CRT, LCD monitor or projector, i get the same problem each end every time.

the Fn + F-key to switch display control does not work.

when i boot the laptop up with the external display device attached, all is well, and the display is solely channeled into the external display. but as soon as windows has started up, the display switches back to the laptop screen, and there is no way to get it to switch back.

is there a firmware update for this problem, or another solution that i am un-aware of?

Thank you.

17.03.2007, 22:31
Do you have the original Toshiba Recoveryimage installed or is it a normal WindowsXp with addtional drivers installed? And do you have the latest graphics drivers from the Toshiba Website?


19.03.2007, 15:33

Seems to be a simply software issue.
I don’t know how long you OS runs on the notebook but maybe the registry entries of some files are corrupt and therefore the FN key function does not work as it should.

The OS reinstallation and usage of the Recovery CD could help…