View Full Version : TE2000 - screen goes on and off rapidly

16.03.2007, 04:03
Hi all,

my TE2000 has been blinking badly. The screen goes on and off rapidly, sometimes every quarter second or so it seems, so bad that I can hardly read the display. It is as if someone is pressing the lid-switch off and on really fast.

It happens sporadically. Sometimes it won't happen for a few minutes. Other times it blinks just once or twice, and still other times, it becomes unbearable and continues for minutes at a time.

Anyone have any idea what could be causing this? I've looked into replacement screens on e-bay and can't find much...

16.03.2007, 17:44

Did you try to check if this issue appears also on external monitor???
Not?? Try to do this! If it appears only on the internal TFT display then it’s not a graphic chip malfunction but either a display or FL inverter fault.

You are looking for a second hand TFT display???
It looks like the TE2000 notebook supports a 14.1" 1024x768 TFT colour display
Therefore you can use every display from every notebook which supports the 14.1” display size…

Good luck