View Full Version : Tecra 9100 freezes after several minutes

15.03.2007, 16:01
My Tecra9100 (P4, 1,8 Ghz) freezes after several minutes. It shows no reaction on keyboard or mouse input.
It doesn't matter whether I'm running WinXP, Linux or just enter the BIOS.

Rebooting the system leads to a shorter period until freezing (several seconds).

First I thought of overheating of the cpu but a small hardware tool shows me that the temperature is normal and the cooling fan works.

Any idea? Perhaps a problem with the VGA?

15.03.2007, 20:37

Yes, it’s perhaps something wrong with VGA but I think it could be a memory fault.
Try to replace the modules and check if there are some performance improvements.

If not, the technician should check the notebooks motherboard…
You know; It’s always not easy to say what could be wrong without any diagnostic procedures…

16.03.2007, 13:21
Try to check what CPU load is when notebook freezes. Is it permanent on 100%? If yes try also to identify which background process force CPU to run under 100%. Please let us know what happen exactly.

19.03.2007, 00:27
Thanks a lot for your advices.
After excluding all other sources of failure I decided to open the case (...on my own risk, I know).

I realized that the metal plate cooling the video chip is not properly fixed. So I corrected its position (didn't find a way to fix it)

Now the machine is working fine again.