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15.03.2007, 07:57
I have a floppy USB and DVD-rw USB and a PCMCIA CD-rom. The floppy boots, the DVD-rw boots, the PCMCIA card is not recognized. BIOS see the hard drive. WXP CD boots but does not see the hard drive. The floppy drive boots all O/S boot discs but does not see the hard drive (FDISK reports "No fixed disk present" or "Unable to access Drive 1".

I've spent DAYS researching here and Google and have attempted several procedures found within. I do not have the factory restore CD's but I do have XP and 2000 OEM CD's. (As well as others if necessary).
Thank you for reading. ~Adam

15.03.2007, 14:07
look here for the answers :


15.03.2007, 20:23
Tried that and cant get past your first step. I spent 8 hours trying, bouncing around that entire article. My end result "No hard drive found" by either floppy or cd. Both boot fine.

15.03.2007, 22:46
I tried delpart.exe and it immidiatly pops up "No hard drive found"

I tried Toshibas Recovery bootdiskette as desribed in that article and your right XP starts, but then says "You must have at least 500mb or free space on a fixed disk on your computer, setup did not detect any disks" Press F3 to reboot."

I tried booting the bootdiskette with out the USB cd rom plugged in (again following your article).
A:\> type C:
All C: is, is the RAMDRIVE. Still 5 days into the battle trying every which-way possible, the net result is the computer cannot see the hard drive. Only able to see it in the bios and thats it. I even tried Kubuntu live cd and it works, but it wont install, says "Check your partition".

Is there another program out there to format this drive with an external usb adaptor? (plugged into my other laptop via usb) ???

Im starting to wonder if the motherboard is bad.

16.03.2007, 06:16
Booting while using the floppy on this Portege sees the Hard Drive as 159 GB ! Trying to create a partition of any size or any type of file system, I get an error "Create Failed."

The hard drive is a 30 GB part number MK3006GAL. Any thoughts anyone?

16.03.2007, 12:36

I do not have much experience with Portege notebooks but if the HDD has two partitions try to copy installations CD onto second partition. Later you can try to start installations from second partition.

Please check carefully Portege section. There must be one interesting topic about similar theme.

17.03.2007, 05:14
The computer won't see the hard drive. Putting info on it won't do any good 'cause it wont see it :-(

19.03.2007, 20:42
been away for a couple of days so I couldn't comment earlier

when you start-up with a dos-bootdiskette the harddisk wil not be recognized when the filesystem is NTFS, therefore it is essential to delete the NTFS-partition and reformat to fat32
I've found out that fdisk can't cope with the 1.8" HD's in the porteges, but BootItNG recognizes and reformats this type of HD's without problems

2 questions :

1: did you start-up with a proper DOS-bootdiskette with Delpart.exe on the same diskette??
delpart is especially made to recognize and delete 'foreign' partitions like NTFS

2: did you make a bootable diskette with the BootItNG program and start-up with that diskette ??

if none of those 2 methods will recognize your harddisk there can only be one conclusion : your harddisk is defective

the method described absolutely works, I've resussitated several porteges this way without the original recovery-diskettes
the heart of the problem is that the setup program of both W2000 and XP doesn't include the drivers for the external ( freecom ) CD/DVD-drives, so setup will freeze in an early stage

IF Toshiba could provide a "oemsetup.txt" file with the proper drivers we could solve this problem by loading them in the early setup procedure by pressing F6 and all would become much easier!!

for the Toshiba-technical-support departement : SOMETHING TO CONSIDER ???

19.03.2007, 21:20
BootITNG boots, but wont install (using floppy on Portege 2000). It will go into maintanence mode where I can then select "Work with partions". In there it does not desplay any partions but shows the HDD as 159 GB! (The HDD is FAT32..Ive tried FAT16 & NTFS. But most of the time I make sure I'm FAT32 when trying new things).

delpart.exe (boot from floppy on Portege 2000) runs but immidiatley pops up a small window "Hard drive not found"

I do want to add that (I may have already above) say that I'm using a Pioneer USB DVDrw drive and a USB floppy to all work. I dont have access to what Toshiba states are compatible. I wouldnt think this is a problem because this Portege 2000 boots flawlessly everytime with ANY O/S disk (98/2000/XP/Linux etc)

20.03.2007, 16:13
most likely your harddisk will be defective ; to be sure you can easily take the HD out and try to read/reformat it with a 1.8"-3.5"( or 2.5" ) converter on a normal desktop ; you can buy these converters for a few dollars ( ebay ) If the HD seems to be allright it will be a problem with a connector, the HD-controller or worse .........

if you work through a bootable dos-diskette with the proper drivers it shouldn't matter which usb-cd-drive you use ; only the toshiba-bios won't recognize your kind of cd-drive, so you probably can't boot directly from the CD-drive itself ( bios settings or F12 on start-up )

btw, did you update the bios to the latest version ??

20.03.2007, 18:25
I never need any driver for the USB DVDrw (it just boots every time).
I have a 2.5 to 1.8" HDD adapter and installed the hard drive into my other laptop, tossed the XP disc in it, and away it went with no problems. I've also removed the hard drive, attached a USB adapter to see externally on my other laptop and it shows up fine at ~27.8gb I'm able to format it FAT or NTFS. I also ran "HD Tune" and it found NO bad sectors.

The first thing I did (after I couldnt install the o/s the very first time) was updating the bios to v1.7 (according to Toshiba its the latest)