View Full Version : Satellite U200 - Where to find Bluetooth and Vista driver in English

13.03.2007, 08:26
I just bought a Satellite U200 notebook - in Russia. Of course it came with Russian Windows. The computer came with a disk, a "reanimator" with the drivers so we couldn't use English Windows and the disk together.

My IT guy managed to get the drivers from Toshiba, and then also successfully installed Windown Vista in English for me. But now I can't find Bluetooth anywhere - it isn't even listed in devices. Yes, I have Bluetooth. Also, there is no software for activating the fingerprint secuity system.

Is there anyway I can get the reanimator disk in ENGLISH? It should come with my model computer in the UK, so it must be out there? Can I order it? Or is it in my computer, I just have to "find it"?

13.03.2007, 18:48
the bluetooth drivers can be found here



hope this helps.


13.03.2007, 19:03

Follow this:
http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com -> Support & Downloads -> Support homepage -> Driver downloads.

There you can select Notebook -> Satellite -> Satellite U series -> U200 -> Windows Vista.

You will get every driver in different languages. English version is also available ;)