View Full Version : Problems connecting to TV

27.01.2005, 15:10
Hi I have a Tecra 8200 and have been trying to connect it to my TV.
The audio is no problem RCA from an adapter in the headphone socket. But the video is not working.
I have checked the settings in TSETUP are correct - PAL.
I can hear the sound on the TV channel but have no picture. I have toggled the FN F5 key several times and still no luck. I have set windows to extend the desktop to the second monitor in display properties.
Can anyone give me a clue where I might be going wrong?

Many thanks

27.01.2005, 15:59

Which OS do you have on Tecra? Do you use cable that was provided with your notebook or you purchased another one on your own? What is with settings under Display properties > Advanced > Display Device?

04.02.2005, 23:18

Did you try Display Properties->Settings->Advanced

From there it depends which graphical card you have, with an ATI card you would get a dialog with the standard windows tabs + ATI specific tabs with a Displays tab that would allow you to enable the TV output of your notebook.

Hope this helps you out