View Full Version : Upgrade parts for Satellite Pro 2100

12.03.2007, 15:11
I need to obtain a Wireless card and more memory for my computer. I cannot find anywhere to contact on this website. Can anyone help?

12.03.2007, 15:57
I hope you know very well that your notebook is about 5 years old and you must not be surprised if you can not find this ‘oldie’ listed on actual Toshiba page. ;)

Anyway, I have found follow information:
- your notebook can handle with max 1GB of Ram and compatible module are PC2100 256MB (PA3127U-1M25) and PC2100 512MB (PA3164U-1M51)
- compatible Wireless LAN Card Kit is with part number PA3212U-1MPC

if you need WLAN card for faster data transfer you can use USB or PCMCIA card.

12.03.2007, 16:22

According to this page:

The Satellite Pro 2100 supports 200-Pin PC2700 (333Mhz) DDR SODIMM memory modules.
You can buy any module but it must support the right specifications!

Nevertheless, I would recommend buying either Toshiba or Kingston modules.
The quality and performance of such modules are much better as of the “no name” brands.


13.03.2007, 08:33
I have another question how to upgrade my Satellite Pro 2100.
Is it possible to upgrade the USB chipset to upgrade from 1.1 to HighSpeed 2.0?

13.03.2007, 19:06
No, it’s not possible to upgrade the chipset.
These are simply motherboard specifications and you will need to replace the whole MB to get the USB 2.0