View Full Version : Portege 3480CT: Canot play DVD's -> error message 'disk not present'

10.03.2007, 22:29
I Have A Portege 3480CT (Win 98) and PA3042E-1DST MULTIMEDIA PORT REPLICATOR. Although DVD playback software is installed and I am unable to play DVD'S. I have tried WINDVD and POWER DVD, both for WIN 98, to no avail. The WIN 98 software DVD decoder is also installed. If a DVD is loaded, each piece of software returns the error: 'disk not present'.

What do I need to do in order to play DVDS on my machine?

Thank you in advance.

12.03.2007, 17:46

Do you use a original DVD?
Possibly there is something wrong with the region code settings.
If you want to play DVD’s with different region code the drive couldn’t recognizes the medium!

Please check also the drive letter setting under disk management.
This is a port replicator and it seems that the CD/DVD drive letter is set dynamically…