View Full Version : Satellite Pro 4340: How to obtain older BIOS versions?

09.03.2007, 17:13

I have a Satellite Pro 4340 and I recently updated the BIOS from v2.6 to v2.7 Unfortunately ever since then the laptop randomly freezes and requires resetting. Checking the error log shows a fault whereby the BIOS ACPI is writing to an unauthorised area. I now want to revert back to BIOS version 2.6, however the Toshiba support site only lists the current v2.7 BIOS and not older versions. How do I obtain the older version? Does anyone here happen to have a backup?



12.03.2007, 22:40
Unfortunately in my knowledge you can find only the newest BIOS update on the Toshiba page.
I think only the authorized service provider is able to DOWNgrade the BIOS to the early version…