View Full Version : Touchpad doesn't do what I want - Satellite Pro A100

08.03.2007, 14:41

I have a Satellite Pro A100 PSAACE-00V002EN.

I seem to have a problem with the touchpad - it decides for itself that I want to minimize a window when I click within the page (web browsers, etc.). I might be trying to use the scroll bar or click on a link but it doesn't do what I want it to - it will either minimise it or expand to full screen. At times it will not let me select anything or place my cursor in a text input box.

I have installed the latest synaptics drivers but this had no effect at all.



09.03.2007, 12:17

Does the same issue happen when you are using the external USB mouse?
Did you install any 3rd party applications which could have a bad influence on the touchpad working?
You know, it’s interesting to know if this happens on the OS which was fresh installed on the notebook…

14.03.2007, 12:40
Finally figured what was happening. I am not a great touchpad user (avoid them whenever possible) so I didn't know about "Tap Zones". Now that I have drilled down into the touchpad device options, I find I can change (or disable) these zones so that I don't stray into them with my wayward finger. For now, I have changed the Top Right and Bottom Right zones to Scroll Up and Scroll Down.