View Full Version : TV Tuner problem while upgrading to XP Pro

26.01.2005, 19:13
Hello all,

I bought a new Qosmio F10-101 which has pre-installed XP Home ... I did upgrade to XP Pro ...Now I am getting warning sign on Device Manager that a PCI device ,supposed to be the TV Tuner, is not recognized ...
I did search TV Tuner driver in http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/
but it only has driver for Win XP MCE edition ... I need your assistance to find a TV Tuner Driver for XP Pro

thanks in advance

26.01.2005, 23:12

it could be that this driver is to "new" for XP prof.
That means that the driver is not been tested with XP Prof from MS, so there could occure problems!

But I have no experience with MCE!

Bye Sammy

18.06.2005, 20:49

the driver for WinXP Home should work on WinXP Pro.

Try to de-install the current driver and re-install the TV driver from the Tools & Utility CD or use the driver from the Web Driver Downloads.