View Full Version : Can't configure USB2 on Satellite Pro A10

05.03.2007, 12:41

I just inherited an A10.. I replaced the HD and installed a fresh copy of XP Pro..sourced as many drivers as possible here. all is well except If I plug in a USB2 memory stick I get a message saying a high speed device is plugged in a non-high speed socket.. I am sure it is supposed to be a USB2 enabled laptop... Can't find out how to rectify this..

Help, please.


07.03.2007, 12:24

Found problem.. the USB port is shown as enhanced in Device Manager.. but on gonig into it via Safe Mode (F8 option on start up) I found other entries in the USB section. I delted these and rebooted.. all is ok now and USB 2 device are at full speed.

Thanks anyway.

07.03.2007, 12:50
WOW… thanks for the great info!!!
I read some threads here in the forum about USB speed problems and maybe your thread will help all another users here with the similar problems!!

Great work :)

PS: Could you please say me what entries you have deleted?!

09.03.2007, 23:26
Thanks for the encouragement!

Yes: I found multiple root hubs and standard host controllers (probably from the initial guesses of XP's installation trying to install what it thought it should be)

Whilst in Device Manager I took out all other duplicates.... they don't always show in 'normal mode'