View Full Version : Portege 3490 installing an operating system?

25.01.2005, 14:47
I just bought a 2nd hand portege 3490 and was wondering what the easiest way is to put an operating system on it can I just whack in a USB CD ROM and do it that way?

26.01.2005, 23:08

normally you need a PCMCIA CD Rom because you have to boot the OS setup CD when you want to install a new OS!

But in my opinion it should also work with a USB Floppy, a Boot diskette and a USB CD Rom.

You have to include a runable CD Rom driver to the boot disk!

You can't boot from a USB CD Rom directly, try this.

Or you contact a Toshiba Service PArtner, they have the PCMCIA Drive. But then you have to pay for it!!!

Bye Sammy

27.01.2005, 12:05
Hi, cheers! okay, Ive got a USB floppy drive and CD ROM and have been trying to boot XP using the 6 XP floppies but when I get to the last sic(the end of the 5th disc says starting windows) it all goes to pot it says i've encountered a problem check the HD isn't broken the gives me some Tchnical info that is ***STOP and some hexidec nonsense, I guess they are disc clusters

Any idea or is my harddrive broke?

27.01.2005, 13:22
Hi bin,

Sorry but I must ask you something. What you want to do exactly? Do you want to repair already installed WXp or to reinstall OS with Recovery CD?

If you want to reinstall OS do exactly what Sammy recommended to you.