View Full Version : Portege 7200 - HDD Replacement/Upgrade

24.01.2005, 19:45
I wish to upgrade my Portege 7200 with the standard 12Gb HDD to a 60Gb, my queries are:-
1. Will I have to update the BIOS?
2. Will a standard notebook 2.5inch 9.5mm HDD drive fit (e.g. 60GB 2.5" IBM/Hitachi Travelstar 7K60 ATA100, 7200rpm, 8MB)
3. Are any special caddies or cable required.
4. Does anyone have any instructions or is it straight forward.

Thanks in advance for your help.

24.01.2005, 23:18

about your first question:
BIOS update is helpfull, but I don't know how much GB the newest BIOS for P7200 can handle! You have to try and test!
2. Normally a 2.5 inch HDD would fit. I don't know which size the old one has, but you can compare it with the ew oe!
3. no
4. Normally HDD changing is not difficult. The problem is "Does the BIOS detect the new HDD and the right size". But there only experiences would help you!

Bye Bob