View Full Version : Tecra 9100: Accupoint permanently drifts mouse to the side

27.02.2007, 15:58
Hey Guys!

I'm having a Toshiba Tecra 9100 with an integrated AccuPoint-Mouse, which i never really liked.
So I connected a standart USB-Mouse for Windows XP usage.
But whenever Windows is running, my mousepointer is drifting to the side. If I want to klick anywhere, I have to, with the one hand, fix the Accupoint to the contrary direction of where my pointer is moving to, and with the other hand use my USB mouse "normal".

I got the newest XP Service-Packs, newest BIOS-Version, and tried to tell the Toshiba Control Center to deactivate the AccuPoint by the option "Automatic". But it's still acting when i touch it.

I have no idea what the Problem is. Is there any way to completely deactivate that AccuPoint? Or do you have any other ideas what that could be?

Thanks a lot!

01.03.2007, 16:37

If you use external mouse I recommend you to disable AccuPoint-Mouse on your Tecra. I have had similar problem on my Tecra M1. I have disabled AccuPoint-Mouse and touchpad too.

Now I can work without this very annoying problem.

01.03.2007, 21:20

It is normal for the Accupoint mouse to calibrate periodically.
When the Accupoint performs this function it will drift for 5 to 10 seconds and than will stop on its own.

- Wait until the movement stops, allow the Accupoint to run itís re-calibration process.
- Fighting the cursor movement only prolongs the process.

Note: If the mouse cursor drifts persistently for as long as a minute or two, and then resists your efforts to reposition it, you may have a hardware problem requiring service.