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23.01.2005, 18:19
I have just upgraded to BT Broadband using a wireless Hub 1800HG. I have set up my Toshiba
PS10 Notebook to use the wireless connection. It connects OK but I lose the wireless connection every 2-3 minutes. I have proved that it is only the wireless connection that is lost because connection is maintained to the internet when using an ethernet cable. I have eliminated a fault with the built-in wireless adaptor by installing a Belkin Network card but the wireless connection is still lost every 2-3 minutes. We have dect phones but disconnecting them all still does not help. Any suggestions??

26.01.2005, 17:33

Sorry but I must ask you again. Do you have the same problem with both wireless cards (built-in card and Belkin wireless card)?

This problem is very strange to me. I can not imagine that there can be some problem with Notebook. Maybe is a problem of the WLAN hub configuration. Check them all again.

if there are some changes please write again.


04.02.2005, 19:44
I have experienced similar problems using a Belkin 54g card to connect one laptop with my Toshiba Tecra 8200 (running windows 2000) which has a built-in Lucent card.I'm not certain where the problem lies yet, but if I discover anything useful, I'll let you know.