View Full Version : Satellite Pro 4260: How to remove the DVD drive?

18.02.2007, 19:01
I have a Satellite Pro 4260 and it appears that the DVD drive is broken and I want to replace it. I cannot figure out how to remove the old one.
Does anyone know how? Is there a manual available showing how?


22.02.2007, 17:05

This notebook is not know to me but a checked some sites in the net and it seems that the top cover must be removed.
Then lift up the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive to disconnect PJ700 on the CD-ROM/DVD board from PJ15 on the system board.
Remove two screws securing the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM connector board.
Separate the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM connector board and CD-ROM/DVD-ROM connector brace from the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive

Well, I think itís not easy for someone with no experience.
Therefore if you donít know how to do it and you have no much experience you should ask someone how knows what to do ;)

23.02.2007, 00:45

I have now been opening/closing a SP4270 several times, so, got quite familiar with that one, as well as some 10-15 other brand laptops, too.

I think the key issue on this type of task is to have some instructions and/or explosion picture for opening the machine. You may find these easily on the net, anyway one for the SP4270. After having opened some 15 screws and getting off some 3-4 parts you'll see the CD-ROM free to be released from it's mobo connector ...

Lucky trial moments.

Best regards,
Pete V.