View Full Version : Tecra 8100: Which CD-Recorder or Combo compatible (Master/Slave-Settings) ?

18.02.2007, 12:46
I want to replace the internal Tecra 8100 DVD-ROM Drive (SelectBay) against
a CD-RW or DVD-Combo-Drive. Which models are compatible with the Tecra 8100
SelectBay ?
I heard that the drive MUST be in Master mode to be able to work
with the Tecra 8100 (and most of this type of Drives are delivered in Slave
mode setting) ?!?!?!?

Thanks to all in advance answers !!!

22.02.2007, 14:49

I donít know what settings the compatible drives must support but I found several compatible devices:

Toshiba SD-C2302 DVD-ROM drive and TEAC CD-224E-B30 CD-ROM drive

Additional I found this site which compatible Toshiba CDRW drive for Tecra 8100

22.02.2007, 18:13

I have downloaded and checked users manuals for your Tecra and I can just confirm what Jack wrote. Those two ODDs are definitely compatible with your Tecra.

I can not confirm MASTER and SLAVE settings but if you obtain new drive just put it inside and enjoy your life. If every ODD is set to SLAVE mode, than it must be on SLAVE. Probably is HDD set to MASTER mode.