View Full Version : Satellite M70-164: Heating problem under Linux Ubuntu

17.02.2007, 19:34

I'm using Linux Ubuntu Edgy under my laptop and when I'm Playing UT2004 I have a frame rate of about 90fps, but after 10 minutes of playing the fps drastically drop to 15/20fps!

I've noticed that the fun never run at full speed under linux! and to test that I've suspended my laptop and ubuntu has a bug that when you turn on again your computer the fan will work always at full speed, so with the fan at full speed I've gone playing again UT for about 1h30 and the fps didn't drop this time, so I concluded that this is a heating problem!

I've installed omnibook but my phoenix bios don't support fan control... under windows I don't have any problems.

what should I do? Thanks :)

19.02.2007, 10:25
i've got no problems with Edgy on U200, with such games as Sauerbraten.
Fan is really speeding up when necessary.

Hope you will solve your problem.

20.02.2007, 10:24
The Problem is that the Toshiba Powersaver is not avaliable under Linux, thus that you have to manage the fan-speed yourself maybe with some weird kernelbased acpi-tools.
You just have to try it out how the acpi stuff works.
Itīs hard to get a proper softwareassistance under linux for newer specific mobile systems, iīve got the same problem with my satellite 5200-903.
So donīt worry, youīre not alone. ;)