View Full Version : Tecra 8100: DVD Video-Playback only with jerking/flickering under W2K

16.02.2007, 15:23
I cant play a normal DVD on my Tecra 8100 (P3-600MHz, 256 MB RAM, Windows 2000 with SP4)
without jerkings. Have already try to copy image from DVD to HDD and play directly from
HDD - same result. Therefore it is NOT a problem with the DVD-Drive, possibly a problem
with the integrated S3 Savage/MX VGA-Card. S3 Display driver V installed.
Tested with PowerDVD 6 and VLC media player. Any special DVD-Playback software for the
8100 available ??? Please help, trying several hours to solve this problems, already
talk with toshiba hotline !!!

16.02.2007, 17:30

Well, the Tecra 8100 is not a high performance notebook and maybe it’s generally not possible to watch DVD jerking-free.

But I think you should check several settings before we will give up ;)
So check if the DMA and not the PIO mode is available and set on IDE controllers.

Check if you have installed the latest DirectX.
You said you use the latest graphic driver. Well maybe you will check this site:

Check also if the installation of some codex will help you:

The “Nimo Codec Pack” is a nice collection

18.02.2007, 13:14
HA ! Found the problem !!!
It was a special GDIHook-Driver from NetSupportManager (remote control software)
which "blocked" the standard S3 drivers :)
Now everything works PERFECT...very smoth, fluid :) :) :)

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