View Full Version : Satellite Pro A60 will not boot from CD/DVD

Paul Humphreys
16.02.2007, 02:10
I have the above, and it will not boot from cd/dvd. I know the cd/dvd is bootable and works ok. I can boot from FDD and access the cd/dvd no problem, but this dose not allow me to load windows XP. So its not the drive or cd/dvd. So whats the problem?


20.02.2007, 16:22

How did you try to boot from the CD drive?
Did you try to press the “C” button immediately after the notebook starting?

You could also press F12. The boot menu should appear and you should be able to choose the drive as booting device.

20.02.2007, 18:55
> So whats the problem?

It is not easy to say what the problem can be. It is big difference if the notebook is placed in front of you and just discuss in forum.

Before someone can write more about this issue it will be very helpful if you can give us more info about ODD (optical disc drive).
- Have you problem with booting option only or drive doesn’t work in WXP too?
- Is the drive listed and enabled properly in device manager?
- Is the drive listed in Windows explorer and can you use it for watching DVD movies or listening music?

Some questions have nothing to do with booting itself but maybe helps to understand what the problem can be.

Paul Humphreys
20.02.2007, 19:09
None of the above work. I can boot from FDD and then access the CD/dvd drive. But using a number of bootable cds it will not boot. I have tried Win98se bootable cd, Winxp pro and home bootable cds and ERD commander. But it will still not boot. I have loaded windows using the 6 MS bootable floopy discs. Yes the drive is listed ok in windows now I have loaded windows and working ok, the problem was I had to load windows due to changing hard drive. But even now it will not boot from cd/dvd, I have to use a usb FFD drive to load windows. As for the drive its the factory fitted one, I think its a Panasonic dvd/cdrw drive.


Paul Humphreys
25.02.2007, 23:32
Right, I have tried anothe drive from another laptop and that works ok. One tging I did notice it my drive is NOT showing up in the BIOS? But my drive works fine once into windows.