View Full Version : Portege 2010 does not boot -> blank screen

14.02.2007, 15:19
Hi There

I need some help as my 2010 does not boot up. When I press the power button the power light comes on but I get nothing on the screen.

It was working when my brother was using it until the mouse froze and then he powered it off. He then powered it back on in which case only the power light came on with nothing on the screen.

The hard drive was clicking when it was working so I do have a gut feeling that the hard drive must have died and causing the laptop not to come back on as when I power it on I don't get no hard drive light or sound form the hard drive at all.

I don't even get anything on screen. Not even the red Toshiba boot sign. So that's worry in me as well.

Many Thanks, Jagz

14.02.2007, 17:22

I donít think itís a HDD problem.
If the HDD would be dead you will get a message on the screen saying the notebook is not able to find a booting device.

If the Toshiba splash screen does not appear I think itís something wrong with the motherboard. I assume the graphic card is dead. But to be 100% sure a check is needed.
In my opinion you should ask a service partner or an technician for an help.