View Full Version : Satellit Pro L10 won't cold boot

13.02.2007, 19:53
I have a Satllite Pro L10. When it is fully shut down, the system doesn't always boot. If it is set tostand by, then it seem to restert without a proble, but cold booting is a hit and miss affair. It seems that it will often start if you press the on/off key once, then leave the unit for a few minutes then try again, but that might be luck and have no real significance.

I downloaded thelatest bios updates but this has not affected it at all

13.02.2007, 21:27

Does it happens when the notebook runs only with battery or is connected to AC adaptor??

It’s really hard to say what could be wrong or why it happens.
I can only speculate about the malfunction… maybe there is a problem with the power supply electronic on the motherboard.

14.02.2007, 13:30
Thanks for your reply, it happens when on battery or on Mains. It only happens when the unit has been shut down. If it is on standby, then it powers on perfectly!

I saw there were some issues on other models with this sort of incident, but not on the L10, so wondered if there was a known problem with the way the power/on-off button works.

Also, the power button often takes some time before starting the system (when cold booting, from standby this is still ok).

15.02.2007, 10:23
Update, I did a second BIOS update and did a chipset update as well from the Toshiba Download site. Now tested 100% over the last 12 power ups.

Thanks for your help