View Full Version : Need XP drivers for Satellite Pro L20

12.02.2007, 05:11
I've been searching for hours for 3 drivers that i need, i have just found the one i needed for ethernet controller

now i need SM Bus Controller and video controller(vga compatible)

It's for my little brothers L20 laptop.

Please help.

12.02.2007, 21:52

SM Bus Controller -> Chip Set Utility ???

Video controller -> graphic card driver

PS: Why donít you read the installation instruction doc on the Toshiba driver page and follow the installation guide line?

06.03.2007, 20:00
Hi,.....again, still struggling, i gave up for a few weeks and just came back on and seen the reply by jaba.

I tried the chipset utility and an error box came up saying something about it not being a supported operating system.

Had a look at that imformation doc and i cant understand it, i'm the wrong person when it comes to things like this.

Also, if its a driver for the graphics that i need for the video controller, will i need to find out what graphics card i have to correspond to the driver? if so how can i find out which card i have?

Thanks in advance

07.03.2007, 16:05

Can you please check sticker at the bottom side where is notebook model description. There you can find L20-xxx (PSxxxx). Can you please post all this. On this way it is much easier to identify your notebook model and also built in graphic card.

07.03.2007, 16:08
Hi again

You have found the installation instruction document and you donít understand it??
Whatís the problem?
Download the drivers from the Toshiba page and install the drivers in the order described in the document from top to bottom!