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08.02.2007, 20:34

I was given a DVB-T TV tuner as a birthday tuner a couple of months ago and I'm having real problems getting it to work. It is the Toshiba one, product code PX1211E-1TVD.

I cannot get it to find any channels. I know that our area is covered by Digital signal, as I have checked online, and we also have digital television in a different part o the house. However, the signal is weak apparently, so we have had to have a signal booster fitted to our house. I can't understand then, why the program is not finding any channels.

Any ideas, anyone?!


08.02.2007, 22:18
I have the same hardware and the same problem before I moved to Glasgow. Now I have about 20 digital tv channels and some radio stations, picture is excellent, sound is excellent. The major difference/problem is signal reception - the little antennae is useless - I use a normal external ariel for a normal tv, no booster or anything. Occassionally my computer crashes, I think it is because of the Toshiba tv tuner & the software clashing with other software running in the background. Good luck trying to get a decent signal/reception and beware of your computer crashing if you do get it working!

P.S I recently visited Rep of Ireland and noted that there was practically no digital signals bar 2 radio stations in Dublin city!

09.02.2007, 10:40
Hi Hobgoblin11

I don’t use this DVB-T USB tuner stick but I guess the problem is only the digital signal strength.
I think such external USB tuners are able to receive the digital channels if the signal is strong enough.

You said:
>…the signal is weak apparently, so we have had to have a signal booster fitted to our house…

This could explain the problems with the DVB-T signal receiving.

PS: On the Toshiba driver page you can download the newest version of Savvy software.
Simply choose: Options -> USB Options -> TV tuner