View Full Version : Equium A60-156 P4 532 " urgent helo"

19.01.2005, 21:46
Hi Everyone

I am at my wits end, can some one please explain how I get into the bios of my laptop. I contacted support on the phone and they disconnected me twice.

Many Thanks


19.01.2005, 23:50

you have two opportunities to enter your BIOS.

Either you start your notebook and press immediatelly ESC or F2 (it depends on your notebook, Toshiba has two ways to enter the BIOS). Then follow the instructions!

Or you have HWSetup installed. This is a small tool which allows you to see and changed the BIOS during a Windows session! You can find it at START - SETTINGS - CONTROL PANEL.

If it isn't installed at your notebook you can go to
https://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com - Driver & Downloads. There you can download it!

Bye Sammy