View Full Version : Satellite Pro 4600, Memory upgrade

09.08.2004, 16:51
I have had couple of times problems trying to upgrade memory for my Satellite Pro 4600, so I decided to ask directly whether Kingston KTC-SO133/256mb is compatible with this machine?

That is the SODIMM I about to try next but I have to pay for it first.

Problems have been that the sodimms are not compatible with the excisting piece of memory or it wont work at all with Toshiba.

Is there a list availave what kind of memory modules are compatible?

11.08.2004, 15:49
Sorry, I just can tell you that I use the Original Toshiba Memory "PA3069U-1M25" ( Its an 256MB MEMORY KIT)

works fine !

09.11.2004, 17:54
Hello I use two 256MB Infineon memory:

HYS64V32220GDL-7,5-D 32MB*64 SDRAM

D4V23043230 PC133-333-520

256MB, Sync, 133MHz, CL3

- but IŽve bought the memory last year, I hope youŽll get one of it.

10.11.2004, 09:36
Hello HCX,
the Kingston part number is KTT-SO815/256I

11.11.2004, 03:17
The memory is not 133 mhz but 100 nhz