View Full Version : Satellite Pro A100: Sticky keys after splitting alcohol in keyboard

05.02.2007, 20:28

I recently split Jack Daniels in my keyboard and now some of the keys have become
sticky - is there anyway of popping the keys out to clean them?

My laptop is a Satellite Pro A100

Thanks in advance,


05.02.2007, 21:02
The key-caps come off quite easy ones you know how they are attached to the base.
Please be very gentle when you try it, especialy on your first key.

You will just need to lift the key (maybe by using your fingernails) from the left and from the right side of the key,... some seconds later it will jump straight on you.

You can build your own tool, too. This is how the dedicated tool looks like:


Please keep in mind, that some keys like the spacebar are very sensitive and have a slightly different mechanism.
Ah yes, one last thing. Please don't blame me if you break something... I have seen people hammering on their keyboard to remove dirt and were angry afterwards that they broke something.

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good luck

P.S. Lucky it was just Jack Daniels, Bacardi would be worse :D