View Full Version : Power problem on Satellite Pro 6100

05.02.2007, 12:00
Hi there,
I seem to be having power issues with my SP6100. It doesn't seem to power on with the battery or the connected to the mains. The charger light flashes but when trying attempting to power on - it fails to do so.

Do you think it is a mainboard problem or the actual power supply within the SP? If so, please can someone state the power supply model number for me to get a price?


05.02.2007, 13:36
You own an older model of Toshiba so maybe the internal Cmos battery might got quite empty, too.

I don't think your power-supply has a problem as you can see a light going ON, on your notebook. I'd suggest you to remove the power cable from your notebook, remove the battery, too (push the lid to the side so it will jump out of your notebook).

Now, without any power source connected, push the <POWER-ON> button to totally drain any remainings from your notebook. Leave your notebook without anything connected to it for an hour or so, and THEN reconnect your power-supply. It might show you a message on the screen, that the "RTC checksum is wrong", ignore it and start your notebook normally. You will have to set the correct time through windows again.

Hopefully your Notebook will now work again like new ;)


05.02.2007, 13:42
Cheers mate for your reply.

I will try that later.