View Full Version : Looking for a internal DVD drive for a Satellite Pro A40

05.02.2007, 02:29

I am looking for an internal DVD burner for a Satellite Pro A40 2.88 Celeron model that has a CD-RW/DVD-Rom currently installed. My mother owns this laptop and i want to upgrade the drive for her.

Does anybody know here of any model numbers of the DVD-RW/CD-RW/DVD-Rom that will work with this model.

I want the drive to function as a DVD-Rom/CD-RW also as i would not like to loose those features. Swapping the bezel over if needed is not a problem for me.


06.02.2007, 12:05
For this particular model I couldnt find another Pro A40 that has a DVD-RW, only DVD ROM. I would also suggest buying an external DVD-RW because an internal drive will cost alot more. Probably triple what an external one would. External you can find for around 50 but an internal one will cost at least around 90 plus taxes. I am sure there is internal ones that fit this machine but at this moment I do not have the time to search every compatible model looking for the drive, which is why I suggest an external drive. Hope this helps.