View Full Version : Satellite U200-141: problem with drivers after Vista installation

05.02.2007, 01:15
Hello everyone,

I've just installed Windows Vista and I'm having some problems:

1. Hotkeys don't work (Fn + F1, f2, f3 etc... doesn't work at all).

2. Touchpad - I've aleady installed he driver listed under Vista but although I can use the touchpad normally when pointing, clicking, etc, I can't scroll. By this I mean I can't set up the scrolling region (it used to be the right corner to scroll vertically and the bottom to scroll horizontally). I've checked the autoscroll options on IE and Firefox, and it doesn't work even there.

3. I don't seem to be able to instal the new BIOS.

4. The internet, play, pause, stop, etc, buttons (incorporated) don't work either.

5. I have the product recovery CD but it's for Windows XP and I don't know how to install the drivers from there.

I'd appreciate any help anyone could provide.

05.02.2007, 17:00
You cannot use the single notebook features because you did not install the necessary VISTA drivers.
And you cannot install the Vista drivers because the Vista drivers are not available at this time…

So what to do??? Either you will use the Vista without the additional features like buttons etc…. or you will use the delivered recovery CD and install XP…

05.02.2007, 17:28

1. It will work with Toshiba designed tools and utilities only (designed for Vista – at the moment not available)
2. You need Toshiba driver for that
3. Can not tell you much about that. I hope you have tried 3.30-WIN version
4. It will also works with Toshiba Controls only (Vista version)
5. You can not install drivers from recovery image. If you need drivers for WXP you can find it on Toshiba download page