View Full Version : Inernal DVD drive exchange on Satellite Pro 2100

04.02.2007, 15:37
Is it possible to exchange the internal DVD Rom drive against a slimline DVD burner?
How is this done?

05.02.2007, 12:24

I think you could use many internal drives but the drive must supports the right Master/Slave/C-sel settings.
I have downloaded the user manual for this notebook from the Toshiba support homepage and there were listed several compatible drives. But unfortunately most of these drives support only DVD reading. ;(

In my opinion you should make a call to the authorized service point in your country for more details about the compatible drive. But of course, possibly no DVD burner is available for you notebook because itís a little bit older.

However, what do you think about an external DVD burner?
I bought several month ago an external DVD burner and it was much cheaper as an internal notebook drive. I use it only at home and therefore it was not very important for me to buy an internal driveÖ

06.02.2007, 18:02

thanks a lot. Unfortunately my dvd rom is broken so I would not have anything to play cds/dvds....