View Full Version : Satellite Pro A100: CD/DVD drive refuses to play audio CDs or video DVDs

01.02.2007, 17:57
I've got a Satellite Pro A100, with a MAT****A DVD-RAM UJ-841S Drive.
It will read data disks fine, but refuses to play with audio cds, or video dvds.

I have tried un-installing & Re-Installing DVD-RAM Driver;
That got rid of the "I/O Error" I was recieving, unfortunately I didnt note the full error :S.
It now just doesnt see the disk. Does anyone have any thoughts?

I have done a full windows update, and the Toshiba Diagnostic util told me nothing useful except 'Fail' :(

01.02.2007, 19:56
I found a thread in this forum which describes a similar theme:

Sometimes such error appears because the drive does not support the medium.
Fact is not every medium is supported by the drives and I believe in the user manual you will find an index of compatible CDs or DVDs

Possibly the drive is defective and can not calibrate lens in the right position.
But this notebook is not very old and I can not imagine the drive is defective…
However nothing is impossible.

What you can do is to clean gently the lens and see it this will help.

02.02.2007, 11:20
Appreicate the heads-up on the other thread; I did browse through the section - but obviously ran out of patience before finding that one.

I find it hard to believe that the drive doesnt support the medium. These are pressed disks rather than burned.

I will try cleaning the lense and see if that helps, but always looking for other suggestions.