View Full Version : Satellite Pro 4600: display issue

31.01.2007, 23:28
The laptop overheated (for previous owner). When I purchased it everything was fine but after 2 days (no further overheating) the display began to show many and varied artifacts beginning with the Toshiba welcome screen.

Can this be cured without changing the mainboard or has Toshiba scored another goal by integrating everything?

01.02.2007, 14:58
You bought a second hand unit?
I’m afraid it seems you bought a notebook with the hardware malfunction…

Well, I think the problem is the graphic card. This could be a result of previous overheating…
But did you try to connect the notebook to the external monitor?

In such case you could check if the same problems appear on the external monitor.
If yes -> the graphic card on the board must be corrupt
If no -> there could be something wrong with the notebook display or a part of the display

02.02.2007, 23:58
Yes the external display is affected.
How can I change the graphics card?

03.02.2007, 16:51
I don’t believe that you will be able to fix it yourself…
Possibly the whole motherboard must be replaced but if you’re a lucky man on the graphic card on the board will be replaced…

I see only one way to get the problem solving… Contact the Toshiba service point in your country and explain the guys the situation…