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31.01.2007, 19:51

I've had my Satellite Pro A120 for just over a month now, and in that time it's frozen maybe five or six times. This is the type of crash where the system completely stops responding, cannot be recovered using the task manager to end processes, and the only remedy is to turn it off and turn it back on again. When this has happened, the laptop hasn't been running any particularly demanding programs, maybe Word, iTunes or Mozilla Firefox.

Could this be due to overheating? The unit often feels warm to the touch around vents on the left hand side, but not excessively hot. Is there a utility I could use to see if any of the hardware is defective?

I've run the Toshiba PC diagnostic tool, but it says the hard drive, memory and processor are all fine.

05.02.2007, 16:28

Well, it’s not easy to say why it happened.
Yes, your suggestion is right. Something like that could happen if the temperature is too high. But if the notebook overheats the OS should shut down the unit automatically without any warnings.
However, to prevent from overheating, be sure that there is enough free space around the notebook for a good air circulation.

But also software issue could be a reason for any frizzing. Then OS on my brother’s notebook has frizzed many times. I have simply installed the fresh WinXP and since then everything is ok.
You should investigate a little bit…

05.02.2007, 16:34

I am pretty sure that some background activity is responsible for that. Sometimes it happens to me too. I have preinstalled ‘notebook hardware control’ application and can all the time observe CPU activity. When notebook freezes the CPU activity is blocked on 100% and only thing I can do is to move the mouse. Every time I must wait about 20 or 30 seconds and can continue my work.

I am 100% sure in your case it has nothing to do with overheating. If possible try to find out which application force CPU to run on 100% and block all other activities.

05.02.2007, 20:58
Just to clarify, in my case I do not even have control over the mouse when the system freezes; the only remedy is to reboot. This is why I suspect it could be a hardware issue.

12.02.2007, 12:37
Mine does just the same. Freezes for no apparent reason (three times in a week) and one has no option but to switch off. I cannot believe it's software related because all the software and data is exactly the same as I had on an Equium which exhibited no such problems. Another feature in my case is a distinct "click-click" sound which periodically emanates from the area of the hard disk - that lasted all day yesterday, for example. Also the fan seems to work harder on these machines than I have been used to with former Tosh's.

Phoned Toshiba - they believe it is a hardware fault and are taking my machine in to look at it.

12.02.2007, 14:20
It is possible that HDD is defective. I have had similar behaviour on my old Satellite 1900. The HDD was louder and louder and also slower as usual. Sometimes I was not able to use notebook at all because after some time everything stops and only solution was notebook restart.

I have checked HDD and was very surprised how many bad sectors were listed. I have bought new HDD and everything was OK again.

If possible, try to obtain some ‘HDD check’ application and you will see if HDD is OK or not.

13.02.2007, 13:25
Cheers for the advice guys. I too have experienced an odd clicking noise that occasionally issues from the area where the hard drive is housed, particularly after the notebook has been in use for long periods.

Ivan25, can you recommend a good "HDD Check" application? I've been unable to find anything convincing so far.

I'm reluctant to send my notebook for a service; I'm a student and I need it most of the time. I've backed up all my essential data just to be on the safe side.

13.02.2007, 13:39

I dint have this problem but use ‘bad sectors’ as searched terms in forum search option. You will find many comments and recommendations how to handle with it.