View Full Version : Vista drivers for the Libretto U100?

29.01.2007, 13:36
I've read reports on the net of people running Vista on UMPC's such as the Samsung Q1, given that the spec of these units is lower than the Libretto it's got me thinking to install Vista on the Libretto... are Toshiba planning to release any Vista compatible drivers for the U100?

I realise it's a rare device but it'd be a nice showcase device.


29.01.2007, 22:19

In my knowledge the Libretto notebooks are out of life. The Toshiba does not design and produce this notebook model.
I’m not 100% sure but in my opinion the Toshiba will not publish Vista drivers for the little, tiny Libretto.
Additional I think the Libretto is not Vista capable…

But you could visit the Microsoft website to check the necessary hardware specifications which are needed to run the Vista.

30.01.2007, 17:07
Hi, yes, I realise the Libretto is end-of-life... which is a crying shame, it's a fantastic device.

Well, to answer my own question I loaded my Vista Business Upgrade on my Libretto U100 last night. I've previously upgraded the Libretto to 1Gb of RAM and Vista upgraded without complaint. It doesn't run Glass, the particular model of Intel graphics on the Libretto is not compatible... but the OS itself seems to run well enough.

Everything so far seems to be working... network (wired and wireless) is detected and I can connect easily to my WPA protected WLAN, the graphics drivers set the resolution and colour depth correctly and sound is working.

Hibernate and suspend behave normally (as tested so far) ... the only thing I haven't tried is Bluetooth.


31.01.2007, 00:06
Thank you for sharing this info with us.