View Full Version : Can I put 133mhz FSB P3 CPU on Satellite Pro 4600?

29.01.2007, 08:05
Hi everyone
I've got a good old Satellite pro4600 750Mhz
and was wondering if I can install a P3 1Ghz 133Mhz FSB CPU
I wonder if this laptop is strictly 100mhz FSB?
hopefully I can extend this faithful laptop's life.

29.01.2007, 16:59
The 4600 Series computer is equipped with a Mobile Intel Celeron Processor or a
Mobile Intel Pentium III Processor.

Mobile Intel Celeron Processor
This processor operates at 650MHz or 700MHz.
The max processor FSB speed: 100MHz.

Mobile Intel Pentium III processor featuring Intel SpeedStep technology
This processor operates at 650MHz(1.6volts)/500MHz(1.35volts),
700MHz(1.6volts)/ 550MHz(1.35volts), 750MHz(1.6volts)/
600MHz(1.35volts) or 800MHz(1.6volts)/ 650MHz(1.35volts) and supports FSB speed: 100MHz

So P3 1Ghz 133Mhz FSB CPU is not possible ;(

29.01.2007, 21:36


Thanks for the info by the way.

29.01.2007, 21:48
Sorry for this bad news max but nothing to do :(