View Full Version : Portege 3440CT: Question about multimedia port replicator

25.01.2007, 19:58
Hi, sorry for my English...

I have a question:
I'm looking for a multimedia port replicator for my laptop.

All the port replicator (PA3042E-1DST) I found don't include a cd/dvd driver...

Can I install a standard slim cd or dvd drive into the multimedia port replicator?
Or it needs a particular kind of drive?


25.01.2007, 20:06

I believe you need this one: PA3042E-1DST Multi Media Port Replicator but according to some specification this port replicator can be used with different options. That means you need PA3014E-1DVD DVD Drive Kit or PA3015U-1CDD 24x CD-ROM Drive Kit II.

Thatís all I have found.