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25.01.2007, 10:29
Hi all,

a short while ago I flashed the BIOS of my Tecra S2. My current BIOS version now is 2.80. Unfortunately no I have got problems with booting Linux Live CDs like Knoppix or Kanotix. The boot process freezes, when the PCMCIA module is tried bo be started.
What i want to do now is to downgrade my BIOS version. Does anyone know how that stuff works and does anyone have an old BIOS version from 2005? I couldn`t found older versions on the Toshiba support sites.

Thanks for all answers!


29.01.2007, 16:19
You’re right. On the Toshiba page you will find only the newest version of the BIOS and the older versions are not available on the page.
In my opinion if you want to downgrade the BIOS you have to ask the authorized service provider in your country for the help.

But did you check this useful site:

There you can check the area “machine installation help”
It provides some useful tips with the device configuration

01.02.2007, 21:27
BIOS 3.3 still didn't fix BIOS bug...

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04.02.2007, 12:09
Maybe your problem is same as this ? - http://linux.toshiba-dme.co.jp/linux/eng/pc/memo2/satM60.htm

The reason for PCMCIA freeze is, that I/O port range 0x800-0x80f is obviously taken
by some device, so cardmgr freezes on start
Change /etc/pcmcia/config.opts line:
include ... 0x800-0x8ff... to
include ... 0x810-0x8ff.