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23.01.2007, 18:50

Wondering if anybody can help me, I've had my Satellite Pro L10 for about a year now without any problems, recently however when I switched it on, it booted up but then a blue screen came up with computing jargon on it and then the system shut down, when I then switched it back on I was left with two yellow lines going down the left hand side of the screen, everything is working fine but the two lines remain on the screen.

I'm pretty much a novice when it comes to computers so if anyone has any ideas as to what I can do to get rid of them I'd appreciate it.


23.01.2007, 19:08

It is important to sort out if these lines are there because of defective LCD display or maybe caused by graphic card. You can test it with one external display. If possible connect some external monitor to your notebook and check if those lines are shown on external monitor.

If no there is problem with LCD display. I recommend you to check if the warranty is still valid and contact service in your country. By defective hardware it will be replaced for free.

24.01.2007, 15:55
Hmm, we can only make some suggestions about the malfunction.
I have read in this forum about the similar problems on a L20.
The routing of the wireless antenna cables may interfere with the LCD panel and result in broken tabs.
The failure symptom would be vertical lines or belts on the left or right side of the LCD.

But also something different could be wrong. Everything is possible for example graphic card malfunction.

In my opinion you cannot fix it yourself and therefore you have to ask the technicians for the help.
I don’t see any other solution…

24.01.2007, 16:44

Yep I think I will have to bring it to the techs and have them look into it, thanks for the suggestions lads, appreciate it.


24.01.2007, 17:44
If this incident happened (the yellow lines) right after a BSOD, then I guess something got broken or loose on your Graphic-card. A damage to the LCD would not cause a BSOD appear on your screen.
You could try to connect an external monitor and see, if these 2 yellow lines are shown there as well.

You could also try to boot into the BIOS settings, and check, if the two lines will appear on the screen again.
I don't think that the wireless card might have caused this malfunction, but I can always be wrong in my guesses. ;)

You will have to visit a Service Center anyway,

Good luck