View Full Version : Satellite Pro A120: disk head alignment error appears

23.01.2007, 16:53
I bought a AE120 on 12Dec06. It worked when first powerup. When I moved the laptop slightly, the "vibration problem" message appeared and followed by "disk head alignment error" when scared me from using it further.

So I returned the notebook to the supplier and bought the exact model replacement unit. The second unit arrived on 19/01/07. When first power up, the exact situation came up and I had no confident to use this notebook further but to return the second unit to the supplier.

I'm not sure if these two units came from a bad batch and I'm not sure if I should buy the same unit the third time and hope this error would not come up.

Pls advise if this is a defect or just a bad batch.

23.01.2007, 19:24
Hello Belinda

I am very surprised that your local supplier was not able to explain you want happen exactly.

Anyway this message is not serious and there is no reason to be worried about it. If your notebook has ‘factory settings’ there is preinstalled Toshiba HDD Protection tool. Exact explanation of this tool is as follow:

HDD Protection
Using the acceleration sensor built in the PC, HDD protection detects vibrations, shocks and similar sings in the PC, and automatically moves the HDD head to a safe position to reduce the risk of damage that could be caused by head-to-disk contact.
You can disable this message. Start ‘TOSHIBA Assist’ – Protect & Fix – HDD Protection – Setup detail.

Under HDD protection Message remove check mark in front of ‘A message displayer when ….’ option.

Bye and enjoy your new toy. ;)