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22.01.2007, 22:25

I have purchase 4 notebooks U200-120 and I have the same problem with all of them. Sometime the notebook freeze and after 10 seconds it runs again.
The problem born with Internet Explorer. I installed only the PC without any other software but each of 4 notebooks do the same problem.
I try with another pc (not U200) and the pc doesn't freeze anytime. So there is some problem with LAN?


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Manuel Amadei

23.01.2007, 22:47
Hello Manuel

It is not easy to say anything because we don’t know how you configured your notebooks. Maybe you have preinstalled your own OS and install some stuff responsible for this. Sorry but it is not possible to say more without precise information how the notebooks are preinstalled and configured.

Check notebook hardware. If you think there is some problem with LAN you should talk with LAN administrator.

24.01.2007, 00:44

I have read (don't remember if the US or UK site support) about that problem reported (IE freezing),
Apparently it was the finger print sensor that influenced something, and, if I still remember well, there is an update / download ref. that particular problem, maybe it could help in your case,

Take care

25.01.2007, 22:23
maybe ít helps to turn off the fingerprint software support for IE. I did it and I do not have any problems with freezing... Like I never had before... Hope it helps!