View Full Version : CPU is constantly overheating and freezing Satellite Pro A30

22.01.2007, 19:36
Hi guys,

It appears my CPU is constantly overheating and freezing the PC.
(is this what happens when a CPU overheats?)
The fans are switching on/off eratically.
The heatsink seems quite hot but still touchable - although just.

As a trial I'd like to change my 2.6Ghz CPU for
a slower, cooler one to see if it solves the problem.
Can I just swap them, or do I need to change something
to ensure the new CPU runs at the slower speed ?
Is there anyway I can tell the current CPU to run
at a slower speed ?
(I cannot even get windows installed as
the PC stalls before finishing)


23.01.2007, 12:00
You can put a slower one in there, but I suggest taking it to your ASP. They have tools that can test the RPM's of the fan to make sure it is working correctly. As well as clean your heatsink and fan and make sure nothing is blocking the flow of fresh air into the heatsink. Once you get the system restored under the power saver you can change how often the fan turns on etc as well as the processing speed of the CPU. Hope this helps.

23.01.2007, 12:35
As mentioned by James the Power saver controls the CPU speed and the cooling method.
You can change the settings and check if it will help.
But one question; How long do you use this notebook or how old is it?
Sometimes after long usage the dust and debris could has a bad influence on the cooling modules and fan rotation.
Mostly a cooling module cleaning could help to prevent from the overheating. But I would not recommend to clean the notebook yourself if you have no experience.
In my opinion a technician should do that.