View Full Version : Satellite Pro 2100: How to reinstall the OS after HDD replacement

19.01.2007, 22:56
I have a Toshiba SP2100 and i want to replace the hard drive, but i don't have any recovery cd's.
So how can i put the o/s back on?

22.01.2007, 17:05
Try to connect the external HDD to the notebook via USB and try to copy the whole content from the internal HDD on the external HDD. Then you could try to insert the external HDD into the notebook.
But I have never tried such procedure and donít know if it will work.

But usually after HDD replacement you should boot up from the booting CD like recovery CD or the original Microsoft Windows CD.
After installation of the clean windows OS you could visit the Toshiba drivers site and you could download and install the Toshiba drivers and utilities.

23.01.2007, 00:46

OK, the contents of the present Windows system disk shall be copied to an USB drive with a backup tool, e.g. with NTBackup, which is found on WinXPPro on the Drive/Properties/Tools, or could be installed easily on WinXPHome.

After making a copy (or, to be 101% sure, maybe rather two copies, on different hard drives ...), you have to make a fresh clean install of the system on the new drive installed on the machine with a Toshiba recovery CD or a standard Microsoft CD, and after that to restore the fresh backup copy to the newly installed system.

So clear and simple, isn't it ... but, there may occur several obstacles on all this procedure, before everything is luckily finalized, as well for a newcomer as for an expert, I know ... look e.g. this note of mine ...


Please, following you have a hint for the copying problem faced several times during a WinXP or Win2000 clean or repair install.

Note, that the install machine should during the install procedure be temporarily ripped off of all extra hardware incl. PCI-devices, USB-devices, audio devices, questionable memory sticks etc., as they may disturb reading the install-CD leading to errors on copying important system files. OK, I know, this is not so easy, not even to mention the laptop compared with the desktop, so, you may have to rely on an experienced technician ...

Best regards,

Pete V.

23.01.2007, 19:56
You could try norton ghost or another backup utility program. You can back up your whole HDD as an image, save it on a CD or DVD and create a rescue disk to reinstall it on another drive.

When you put the new drive in, run the rescue disk and copy your back up HDD image to your new drive and you have exactly the same computer - only with a bigger HDD.

Hope this helps.