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19.01.2007, 06:07
My Equium A60 was powered up when lightning struck nearby and caused the electricity supply to go off and back on.

The OS is XP Home and my ISP is AOL. When I try to access the Net by DUN, I receive the repeated error message:

"Connected phone line is not compatible with this modem. Only analog phone lines are supported."

My desktop computer, which also uses AOL, still connects to the same phone line without any problem.

I have rebooted the A60 several times; changed and tried out 2 phone connnection cables - both work; the phone line works fine; I have reinstalled the driver provided on this site; removed the tick from the box that says to wait for the dial phone; checked out that the modem is in working and on the Device Manager list. All of this is to no avail.

Troubleshooter is suggesting that COM 3 is not enabled. I cannot see COM 3 listed in Device Manager, under Ports.

I have tried Google and ASK with the error message. There are not many posts and it appears that the Toshiba modem is in fact an Agere. This makes seems to be the subject of some of the complaints.

Finally I have uninstalled the driver/modem, AOL and one other DUN connection. I rebooted and went through the process of installing "New Hardware" and AOL. Whilst the modem is enabled and allegedly working... I am still unable to connect to the Net. I reinstalled an additional 'pay as you go' ISP. When I try to dial out on that it generates the error 680. It does this even when the box is unchecked, for wait for a dial tone.

I would be most grateful if anybody could help. I have run out of ideas.

Many thanks.

19.01.2007, 18:24

You are right, the modem support the Agere Modem Chip.
You will not find the COM3 in the device manager because the modem uses not “real” com port. It’s a virtual com port.

I think you should start the diagnostic tool test and check if the Modem has no malfunction.
Additional you should delete the connection in the “Region Select Utility” and after new reboot create a new one.

I found also the useful Microsoft article about the “Troubleshooting network and dial-up connections”.

and here you will find info about the DUNS “error 680”:
http://php.iupui.edu/~aamjohns/trouble.html#No Dial Tone