View Full Version : Blue screen error message on Satellite Pro A10

18.01.2007, 19:48

I'm trying to help my inlaws with their Satellite Pro SPA10. I had set this up for them a few months ago and it was running really well.
Now it restarts about two seconds past the "use last good configuration" etc. screen, gets to this screen again then restarts immediately ad infinitum, never pausing on the error mesage for long enough to see what it says.
I managed to get it to boot from the windows XP home disc and got as far as the repair or continue with installation screen. When I asked the computer to do either it crashes to blue screen almost immediately. The error message is
*** STOP: 0x000000c5 (0x00000000, 0x00000002, 0x00000001, 0x8082B98B)

This is beyond my level of expertise, can anyone help?

19.01.2007, 16:14

It is not easy to say what is wrong there and what your in-laws have done with this unit. Try to start the unit in safe mode pressing F8 at the start up. When unit starts check a little bit if some strange software is installed.

If there is no important data I recommend you to install OS again. On this way you will be sure it is not because of software. If problem persists then is the whole issue is more complicated and there can be some hardware fault.

At the moment I can not tell you more. Try to make ‘clean OS installation’ and post again about results.

19.01.2007, 17:44
Hi Mike thank you for replying,
I am not able to start the computer in safe mode, safe mode with networking, last good known configuration etc, Each time it quickly blue screens and restarts about two secs into the process.
I was unable to try a clean OS install from the disk as it gave the blue screen error shown in the original post. The same thing happened when I tried to use the repair option on the XP home disc. So i can't get into the computer at all to start diagnosing the fault, the only clue I have is the error message, and after searching the internet I haven't found much enlightenment from that yet.
If you can help me out or suggest where to search it would be much appreciated.

19.01.2007, 18:50
If you are not able to reinstall the OS then it must be definitely a hardware problem.
In your case I would recommend removing the memory modules and to test it.
Possibly one of them (or both) malfunctions.

23.01.2007, 02:21
thank you for your help, I have returned the computer to them suggesting they seek professional advice as this was getting beyond a level I feel comfortable with. Personally I suspect the culprit was probably a glass of juice courtesy of their youngest kid.